Chris Adams

Chris Adams is the man that has done it all. From humble beginnings growing up on a farm in Pennsylvania, Chris has gone on to work with the likes of entertainment and media industry pioneers – Steven Spielberg, Al Gore and Jeff Scholl of Ebay to name a few.

Listen to Chris as he recounts his experience at Facebook in its infancy – and what it’s like to work with Mark Zuckerberg (and stand next to him at a water bubbler). He also talks through working in industries that were completely new to him, and trusting your gut.

We discuss:

-       How to be both creative and commercially minded

-       Learning to recognise burnout signs and juggling 4 balls instead of 15

-       Different ways of working – why office 9-to-5 isn’t for everyone

-       How to identify a problem, and create an outcome that makes a difference.