Michael Phillipou

Michael Phillipou is the co-CEO of Lodex and Blockloan – the future of global banking (as its website says!) But Michael’s industry changing solutions are backed by 18 plus years of experience in traditional banking. I guess that’s where so many great ideas come from – in your own backyard.  In the last year Michael has had an extreme change in focus by creating his own loan market place, Lodex, which now has a over 50,000 registered users. This has now led into Blockloan which is a blockchain platform that enables lending of Cryptocurrency throughout the world.

Michael’s team uses a system of social scoring which is very different to the typical credit scoring progress has looks at meta data from your social media platform. This feature is used not to look at what you’re posting but what your subject lines are and how long takes each user to reply on social media – all to work out your capacity to repay. Michael will also go into more detail about smart contracts and how they are the next big thing and what happens with borrower defaults on their loans and the tech to go along with smart contracts.