Unlocking the power of conversations and stories.

Executive Stories is a podcast series created by corporate lawyer, Brad Vinning, focusing on having great conversations with his clients and everyone else in between.

Executive Stories mantra is that when we are all better connected we are happier and more fulfilled, and what better way to achieve this than through the power of conversations and stories.

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I’m Brad, the corporate lawyer behind Executive Stories.

After years of focusing on the extent of my legal expertise, I now realise that one of my biggest assets is my desire and ability to connect with people. It's when we take the time to connect with people that trust forms and we can truly understand what the client needs and, importantly, why they need it in the first place.

I am a technology, startup and M&A legal expert. I have over 15 years experience advising some of the best people I know. My clients include renowned tech startups, serial entrepreneurs and established ASX listed companies needing advice on a range of regulated and M&A transactions.

If this is type of adviser you need, we need to connect.


About Executive Stories

Behind-the-scenes of executives' lives.

A personal, close-up look at the ways executives manage their work-life balance, navigate challenges, and celebrate successes.

Engaging, exciting stories.

Brad Vinning chats with guests across a variety of industries, from tech, finance, human resources and everything in between.

Broadcasted to the world.

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