Dominic Holland

Dominic Holland.png

When I pitched Dominic Holland for this interview he knew little about me or what I would publish from our interview.  Most guests are a little self conscious about how they may present when played back. Not Dominic.

He is a savvy operator who believes that if you are open and honest and only talk to topics you know about there is nothing to fear!  Dominic seems to have it all, being a young dad and capable software engineer who possesses a rare technological aptitude for a highly commercial business executive.

Dominic launched in 2014 in Eagle Farm, pitching it as "The Uber for Tow Trucks". In its first year of trading, the business finished with seven figure revenue with that continuing to grow. is now operating nationally, having grown from four to 34 staff in less than 18 months. Setting this evident success aside, Dominic also embraces leadership with open arms and has openness with his employees which is indicative of his generation. You’ll have to listen to learn how old Dominic is -  suffice to say he certainly has a “young guy charm”!

Before starting Dom knew nothing about towing. What he did know was that technology is shaking the foundations of every industry. In this episode we delve into:

  • Growing a successful business from a young age;
  • Managing people; and
  • Tech and startup companies.

Dominic is passionate about technology, emerging markets, innovation, disruption, startups and entrepreneurship. This is evident not only in his success so far but that the passion he speaks with. I hope you can feel it too!

Brad Vinning