Jane Thomason

Jane introduction.png

Dr. Jane Thomason is the CEO of Abt Associates-Australia but many listeners will know her better for her relentless pursuit Janes.

Jane has ridden a wave of success establishing JTA International in 1999 and later merging into Abt Associates while never losing her passion for wanting to improve the lives in under developed nations including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Mongolia.

It can be a case of ‘catch her while you can’ while Jane jet-sets around the world but the importance of family in her life is unmoving and a key reason why she can honestly say she has a fulfilling life. In this episode we delve into:

  • Working out what's important in life;
  • Balancing the duties of being a CEO and having passion projects;
  • Blockchain in developing countries; and
  • Why Jane doesn't need any hobbies – her life is her hobby.

Jane lives a life that is as colourful as her daily repertoire of delightful outfits and truly stands out as the flamingo in a flock of pigeons!