Sally Prosser

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Sally Prosser is one of those people so passionate about what she does and understands her “why” so well that it pervades all that she does – you can hear it in her voice.

That may be no co-incidence as Sally is a Voice and Presentation Coach to corporates and broadcast journalists alike. Many of the first and second impressions we create are a result of how we sound when we speak (the saying “… and then he opened his mouth” comes to mind!). Sally turns to her 17 years of experience in this field to help people communicate better through their voice.  Communicate better in the boardroom, on TV, on stage and in your personal life. Yes, it goes that deep and we chat about this in spades on the podcast. 

For someone like me who is obsessed with great conversations knowing that our voice can be trained to adapt to situations (without necessarily trying to be all posh about it) was truly enlightening.  Find out what I am talking about and more in this episode with Sally.

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