Wayne Gerard


Wayne Gerard is the cofounder and CEO of RedEye, a Brisbane software as a solution tech company with offices in Brisbane and Las Vegas. You are unlikely to meet another CEO with as much passion for startups, his people, his family and his home town Brisbane.

Wayne doesn’t pull any punches and calls it as it is, meaning we get right to the heart of topics such as:

  • choosing the right people to do business with and having the right people on your team;
  • being authentic - online, offline, in social media and in business;
  • what keeps him awake at night;
  • how important it is to him to have the support of his wife to let him create something great from nothing; and
  • why going on 7 day off road motor bike adventure was a form of meditation for Wayne.

Wayne is authentic, influential and generous with his time. Wayne is living proof that when you give before you take great things will come your way. I am grateful to have him as my first guest on Executive Stories. Enjoy!

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