Ben Korst

Ben Korst - introduction.png

For a lot of CEOs, the financials of their company is what drives them. For Ben Korst, CEO of Montserrat Day Hospitals, his approach is different.

Ben recounts what it takes (with no prior experience) to step into an industry of highly skilled medical professionals, grow a relationship with them, and do so with his signature larrikin humour. Ben takes it all in his stride, providing insight to adapting to different management styles, limitations of the job, and ensuring decisions are right 100% of the time for the benefit of patients – without being serious 100% of the time!

We discuss:

  • The importance of listening to everyone’s point of view for the best possible outcome;
  • Juggling responsibility of seven day hospitals across Australia and rapid expansion;
  • Knowing when to take a break; and
  • Not taking life too seriously.