Mitch Lally

Mitch introduction.png

Mitch Lally, Managing Director and creative genius at Mitch Lally films, is an award winning wedding cinematographer.

He has a unique vision for crafting powerful wedding films which has given him opportunities to work with passionate clients and capture celebrations all over the world. Mitch provides youthful insight into his journey from freelance filmmaker to presiding over a multi million dollar film company – and what drove him to start in the first place. Don’t let Mitch’s age deceive you: his business acumen and wisdom are well beyond his years.

We delve into:

  • The influence Mitch’s dad had on his choice to start a business;
  • The sacrifices Mitch has had to make;
  • Making business smart promises; and
  • Recruiting the right people into a business where honed creative talent and attention to detail is everything.