Ben Starr

Ben Starr intro.png

Ben Starr is the CEO of, a cloud-based data acquisition and streaming analytics platform for environmental and industrial monitoring and control applications.

Sounds complicated? I agree. Don’t worry Ben gives us the rundown of what’s technology does and explains what the internet of things means in real terms and how software like can improve environmental and industrial outcomes.

Ben started out as a consultant and has a great journey of how he built O2 Group. He became involved with because he was one of their customers who was searching the world over for a solution his business needed.  He loved the solution so much that after he left O2 Group and he became their CEO.

Although a tech CEO now, Ben is still passionate about the environment and provides some thoughtful opinions about how it is being legislated and how this legislation is being enforced (or lack thereof!). He’s a smart startup founder and inspiring CEO. I hope you enjoy!