Dr. Glen Richards

Glen Introduction.png

We all know Dr Glen Richards as the founder of Greencross Vets, not to mention he is also one of the Sharks on the TV show “Shark Tank”.

Glen’s entrepreneurial journey is inspiring and impressive and probably why we all know him so well. My conversation with Glen delves slightly from his conventional story. We start our chat taste testing a Monday Food Company pumpkin loaf, one of Glen’s portfolio companies, I had cooked the day before. This launches us into a conversation on where food is going, why we should be interested in our health and the price you pay for quality. Glen also delves into:

  • what other investments he has that solve a problem surrounding food or nutrition;
  • why he decided to join Shark Tank - and Steve Baxter’s role in his decision;
  • how he now uses his experience, successes and hard learnings to benefit the next wave of CEOs and founders; and
  • what life is like post Greencross.

Thanks to Glen for giving up his time to come on the show and to Vmation for their fantastic filming as always.