Brad Moran

Brad Introudction photo .png

Brad Moran is the Founder & CEO of the Citrus Ad Platform. He is startup founder, marketer, digital innovator and hands on leader who enjoys building great products, but most of all great teams.

His career began in the arena of elite sport playing football for the Adelaide Crows before entering into the world of business. He started his first tech company in 2011, which he tells us ended in a lot of tears, heartache and mental health scars.  Clearly oozing too much entrepreneur for a standard office job he figured he might as well have another crack at creating and growing another startup.  Brad and Citrus have hit the jackpot with their scalable, personalised ad serving platform designed for retailers.  Chances are it is the tech running in the background of your online grocery and other online retail shopping experiences.  Citrus has serious unicorn potential!