Michael Ryan

michael ryan intro square.png

Michael Ryan is the go to guy for infrastructure advisory work around rail, port, water and energy for bulk commodity producers.  That’s the power of being super niche.

As Director and part owner of Balance Advisory, Michael is grateful to see the recent doldrums of the resources sector behind him.  But being super niche does mean though you are tied to the economic cycles of your industry which is why it’s wise of Michael and his co-owners to be now investing in early stage companies in a variety of sectors – diversification! 

Michael’s network is enviable and valuable, and is known for seeking to add value to his network more than seeing what he can take from it.  Many listeners have probably benefited from Michael’s willingness to help and leverage his network without putting his hand out for anything. When you work in an industry where economic cycles and infrastructure contracts are long it pays to play the long game … Something we should all be thinking of.