Phil Smart

Phil Smart - Introduction.png

Phil Smart remains a driving force behind WorkPac’s success, but in his wisdom sees the value in allowing others to drive the company’s direction and values which continue to be hallmarks of who WorkPac is as an organisation. 

Phil started his professional career in 1976 by completing a Carpentry Apprenticeship and then held a General Builders License in both Queensland and New South Wales.

After starting off as a builder Phil's foray into the recruitment industry began in 1994 as the financial backer and strategic adviser to a recruitment organisation, which is still in existence today. In late 1996 Phil sold his shareholding in that company, however, he had developed an affinity for the industry and decided to establish WorkPac in February of 1997. In this episode we discuss:

  • Scaling by leveraging other people’s time and not just your own;
  • Cultural fit and recognising when someone isn’t the right fit;
  • Investing heavily in your people: it’s just good business;
  • Taking a step back from the business; and
  • A touch of philosophy and red wine!

Phil is generous with his time and his conversation. I’m sure you will enjoy it.